Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival

If you happened upon this page looking for the latest and greatest feminist blog carnival, you are in the right place! This is the homepage for the Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival. Like Odysseus himself, we will be battling formidable foes and, like his wife Penelope, we will be scheming up wily ways to subvert the patriarchy. The best part of it is, we’ll all be writing about our adventures battling the patriarchy, and this carnival is a great way to get your ideas read and to find new blogs to follow.

Thinking about submitting? Please do! We have several ways you can submit:

  • Submit through BlogCarnival.com. Sometimes BlogCarnival.com shuts down unexpectedly, though, and it does ask you to create an account before you can submit so if that doesn’t work, try one to contact me with your post info and I will forward it to the current host. Please include “Blog Carnival” in your subject line so I’m sure to see it.

Here are a few ground rules:

  • Submissions are due on the third Wednesday of every month.
  • Please submit by visiting this page. That way, you’ll ensure your post gets to the right person.
  • Submissions can be from anything you’ve written since the last carnival deadline.
  • Anyone can submit! All you need is a blog and some ideas and opinions. New and established writers are welcomed; the carnival is a great way to join the community.
  • Depending on who is hosting, there may be a theme for posts. It’s totally OK to write a post on a specific theme just for the blog carnival. If there is no theme, you can write about whatever you want, under the heading of feminism, of course.
  • All types of posts are welcomed. Stories, analytical pieces, quick hits, and even posts with multimedia entries like artwork, photos, or video are all great.
  • Submit your own post or one from someone you know. Better yet, submit both!
  • You can see a list of all Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival posts right here on this page, or by clicking here.

Want to host a Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival? Email me!

Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival Editions:

Blog – Theme – Date Posted. Click on the date to see that version of the blog carnival.

1: Small Strokes – Female Friendships – June 27, 2012

2: Don’t Be Afraid to Open Your Eyes – Women and Film – July 25, 2012

3: Small Strokes – Feminism and Education – August 29, 2012

4: from two to one – Feminism and Faith – September 26, 2012

5: The Mamafesto – Having It All – October 31, 2012

6: Diary of an Accident Prone Feminist – Feminism and Activism – November 28, 2012

7: Our Feminist {Play} School – Women in Literature – January 7, 2013

8: Small Strokes – Feminism and Love – February 27, 2013

9: Les Femmes Folles – Women in Art – April 24, 2013

Contact me to host future issues!