Who am I?

My name is Ashley. I am a high school English teacher and freelance writer in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.  I graduated with a BA in English Literature with a specialization in Creative Writing in May 2006, and I received my MA in English Studies in May 2010.  In my spare time, I write lots of places. I love to cook and eat, so I keep track of recipes and my new, Paleo lifestyle at The Samsanator Cooks. I write for Care2, Teaching Tolerance, and Role/Reboot pretty regularly, but you can find me on The Guardian, The Huffington Post, the Ms. Magazine Blog, and many other places. You can also find me posting photos on Pinterest and Instagram from time to time. I am a feminist in the sense that I believe every person in this world deserves the right to live the life they desire without judgment.  I believe that no one in this world should feel hate or discrimination or oppression.

Why Small Strokes?

I generally don’t join protests or participate in important events. My name isn’t all over the news, and I haven’t written any books. Lots of people seem to think that if you don’t have all of these things checked off, you’re not an activist. I don’t do these things because I either don’t have time or I’m not very good at them. But what I am good at is teaching. I can help students see inequalities in their lives and I can help create a more tolerant generation, all within the four walls of my classroom. It may not seem like much, especially because I won’t see the fruits of that labor for a long time, but I believe all of these “small strokes” add up, and they can end up making a huge difference eventually.


If you’re looking for teaching and writing related information, check out my partial CV or sample lesson plans.

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