This Is What MY Face Looks Like

I’m sure you all have heard by now that Hillary Clinton was recently attacked by the media for deciding not to wear makeup in public. Yes, it’s true. Hillary Clinton, arguably most powerful female politician in our nation, is being picked on for having flaws in her skin and not covering them up with makeup.

Um, for real?!

My Fearless Females have tackled this issue before by not wearing makeup to school. Even before all this hoopla about Hillary, we knew that the beauty industry is a multi-billion (yes, you read that right) dollar industry. Makeup is something women are told is a fun way to express yourself, but underneath that, with images of bare-faced celebrities coupled with headlines showing disgust gracing every tabloid, what we’re really told about makeup is: you’d better wear it or else people will make fun of you. Hillary Clinton is just one more example, and the worst thing about it is that, no matter how successful or powerful you are, you are not safe.

How are we supposed to tell our girls (and ourselves) that they are beautiful just the way they are if this keeps going on?

Shelly Blair has an answer, and I think it’s brilliant. Over at Fair and Feminist, she’s started a campaign called “This is what a FACE looks like,” and I think it’s brilliant. She’s urging women to change their social networking photos to images of themselves without makeup for two days – on May 17th and 18th – to show the world what women really look like.

I’m all in. And here’s proof:

Will you participate?

3 thoughts on “This Is What MY Face Looks Like

  1. Sedi on

    I agree with you. beauty industry tells women they are not ok the way they are and they have to wear make up to look ok 😛 so women’s body becomes a site of ideology. I think women should be aware of that. nice weblog by the way 🙂

    • Ashley on

      Thank you! And I agree – women should absolutely be aware of the beauty industry.

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