An Open Letter to Students Who Think They Are the Stars of Their Own Bildungsromans


To the aforementioned students: You are, at this very moment, coming of age. It makes sense, then, why you would identify so much with the Holden Caulfields and Stephen Dedaluses of our literature class. You are mostly males between the Read more ›


Would You Want Your Teen Daughter Reading This?


“Oh we’re just happy if they’re reading.” It’s a phrase I hear often as a teacher. We give students books that have interesting covers, aren’t very long, and that grab young readers within the first chapter. If reluctant readers don’t Read more ›

Questioning Gender and Past in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town


The first show I ever directed was Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. I was living in a small community, much different than the suburban sprawl where I grew up and the urban pulse of the city I frequented, so I found Read more ›


Discussing Censorship in the Classroom


We’re reading Anthem and Fahrenheit 451 in my College Prep and Honors classes respectively (all sophomores), and they all read The Hunger Games for their summer reading, and I’m using this infographic to discuss the modern implications of censorship and Read more ›