March for Science – Chicago

I’m no scientist. I have scientist genes somewhere in there, and I find science fascinating; heck, I’ll even go out of my way to encourage young girls into STEM fields, but I’m a humanities girl through-and-through. However, science is not only vital; to me, it is inextricably linked with the search for (and consequent recent denial of) truth.

So I marched as a science ally, if you will. We packed up Emily, grabbed a parking spot on SpotHero, donned our Pussyhats, and went. Read more ›

A Partial Strike – #DayWithoutAWoman

Since the Women’s March organizers announced that our next step was to be a general strike to make our absence felt in the workplace and make it known how necessary women are to the economy, I’ve had my reservations. I applauded the women of Poland in October for their strike against their government’s proposed abortion ban, and I stand in solidarity with Irish women doing the same next week, but I can’t seem to shake the idea that ours is not the same. Read more ›

Teaching Tolerance: For My Students, the Women’s March is Just the Beginning

I’m over at the Teaching Tolerance blog today, talking about my students’ reactions to my going to the Women’s March on Washington: Their responses were as varied and multifaceted as they are. One girl said that the march should be Read more ›

The Global Press Institute

Today, I’m over at Gender Across Borders, talking about the Global Press Institute!  Here’s a little teaser: Every Thursday, Chicago’s NPR station, WBEZ, has a series called Global Activism.  I’m a new subscriber, but, as a writer here at Gender Read more ›

Fighting Homophobia and Fighting Homophobic Language

Fighting homophobia and fighting homophobic language are two different things.  Often overlapping, yes, but different. When one fights homophobia and homophobic language, one is fighting power structures that are in place.  Let’s use the word “gay” as a running example, Read more ›