Teaching Tolerance: For My Students, the Women’s March is Just the Beginning

I’m over at the Teaching Tolerance blog today, talking about my students’ reactions to my going to the Women’s March on Washington:

Their responses were as varied and multifaceted as they are. One girl said that the march should be a steppingstone to more concrete activism, and she wanted to see the march succeed. But she also wanted to see people use the event as a building block for other actions that would help lead the nation toward equal treatment of all Americans. Another girl felt passionately that women should not be slut-shamed. Several wished for immigration reform that would allow their families and the families of their friends to stay in the country. Yet another wanted to fight for comprehensive health care, and even more wanted reproductive justice.

I promise to write up a post about my experience very soon. In the meantime, you can read this full article here.

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