Symbolism and the Smiling Poop Emoji

Here’s a little levity for your Wednesday evening.

My students started today by taking notes on symbolism. I’m sure they all already knew what symbolism is, but repetition is always good.

Me: Can anyone give me a real-life example of symbolism?

Student 1: Emjois?

Me: Yes! That is the perfect example of something standing in for something else.

S1: What is your favorite emoji, Miss?

Me: The smiling poop.

S2: She didn’t even miss a beat. You didn’t even have to think about that.

Me: Well, I live with a baby, two dogs, and a husband. I find the smiling poop very useful.

S1: It is a versatile emoji.

Me: It really is. What’s the baby doing? Smiling poop. How are the dogs? Smiling poop. My entire family is coming over for dinner; I hope you want to cook tonight. Smiling poop. How was your day? Smiling poop.

S2: Do you have bad days that often?

Me: Not really. But the smiling poop could stand for a bad day, but remember it is also smiling, so it could symbolize a day that isn’t going as I had planned but I’m still smiling about it. In that case, it symbolizes persistence, perseverance, a positive attitude…

S1: Who knew emojis were so deep?

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