Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival, 8th Edition: Feminism & Love

20130212-130929.jpgI’m very excited to be hosting this month’s Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival! This month, we are talking about Feminism and Love, and what better time to do it than the shortest, coldest month of the year the month that holds Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and relationships?

This month, we have many different interpretations of love. From being afraid of marriage to the difficulties of the first year post-nuptials, from babies to name changes, from music to dating, we’ve got it all. So, without further ado, I present to you, the 8th Edition of the Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival:

from two to one presents Why I Submit to My Husband posted at from two to one, saying, “I submit to my husband.  My husband submits to me.  We mutually submit to one another.”

Carrie presents Anders and the Altoid: A Story for Our First Anniversary posted at Don’t Be Afraid to Open Your Eyes, saying, “My favorite story about the wedding is about an event that I wasn’t around to witness.”

Tori presents What’s In a Name? posted at Anytime Yoga, saying that this is what happens “when folks measure my commitment to my partner by my last name.”

Ashley presents Reclaiming Wife: The First Is The Worst posted at A Practical Wedding, saying, “For the longest time after my wedding I was embarrassed every time anyone asked me archly, “So, how’s married life?” What was I supposed to say to that? That it was horrible; that within the first week of our marriage I was half-wondering if it was too late for an annulment; that we had each declared that if we’d known what it would be like, we wouldn’t have married each other because it was so completely different from what we expected?”

Debbi Pless presents Growing Up Is Hard to Do (Girl Meets World) posted at Kiss My Wonder Woman!, saying, “Topanga is my role model. And I have to say that I wonder what will happen when we get see into her marriage, thirteen years down the line.”

Ashley Lauren presents Tension Can Be Fun, but Relationships are Too posted at Small Strokes, saying, “What I love about this trend is that it shows that important, long-term relationships can take center stage and that they don’t end the show but rather add another layer to it.”

Emilie Littlehales presents Let’s Give Engagement Rings New Meaning posted at Role/Reboot, saying, “the only way to combat the sexist tradition behind engagement rings is to strip them of their original meaning.”

Danielle presents Epiphany & Adoption into God’s Family posted at Prodigal Magazine, saying,”It shouldn’t make sense to further exploit the most vulnerable in society for political gain.”

Jamia presents Looking Back on Love posted at Rookie, saying, “How Lenny Kravitz brought out the worst in me, and the best.”

Ashley Lauren presents I’m Not Ready for Babies, And That’s OK posted at Small Strokes, saying, “I am 100% sure I want to have kids. I am also 100% sure I don’t want to have them now.”

Leah Sipress presents Being an Educated Housewife is Possible posted at The Broad Side, saying, “I don’t understand why it is that people assume that because one is educated that they must be an economically active member of society.”

Sarah presents Scared Beyond Belief, Thrilled Beyond Dreams posted at A Practical Wedding, saying, “I recently became engaged, and my fiancé Mark is truly the man of my dreams. Except at night, in my actual dreams. In those he’s kind of a jerk.”

Elizabeth Spiers presents Why Developing Serious Relationships in Your 20s Matters posted at Medium, saying, “Now is the time to live!”

This concludes our carnival. Stay tuned for information about next month’s carnival. In the meantime, get your posts on feminism ready and submit them here, and you can find more information about the carnival here.

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