I Survived Week 1!

My first full week of school is complete. I even already have an essay that is piled up, waiting to be graded. And here I am, avoiding grading the essays, which means school has OFFICIALLY started! 😀

I haven’t been writing here at all this week, which you kind of knew was coming. I have been writing some other places, though! Isn’t that exciting?

So if you’ve been missing me, go check out those posts! This week will be the first that our routine – complete with after school obligations – is going to show its ugly head, so I’m hoping to squeeze in some more writing time. It’s on the calendar (Yes, I need to put writing time on the calendar! I do it for workouts, too…), so hopefully that will make me stick to my schedule.

Oh! And don’t forget the Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival is coming up this Wednesday! Horray!

Until next time, enjoy some pictures of jewelry I’ve been making – a necklace, a bracelet, and a daisy chain:

Featured Image Credit: Ben+Sam, other images are mine

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