Role/Reboot: You Can Clean the House and Still Be a Feminist

I’m over at Role/Reboot today, talking about a clean house and feminism:

I’d pick fights with [my husband] when I got really frustrated. After I’d balled my last sock, I’d find something that wasn’t done and I’d whine and complain about how he never did anything around the house (even though he did) or how he just expected me to be his little wife, taking care of his every need (even though he didn’t). I was picking fights with him, but in reality, I was fighting with myself. I didn’t believe that I should have to be doing my wifely duties just because society said so.

One day, after one of these fights, I was reading through some feminist blogs to calm myself down and I came upon a post about making feminist choices. It outlined all the ways feminists can make choices that are unfeminist: changing your last name when you get married, having lots of children, being a stay-at-home mom, doing housework, etc. Feeling validated, I continued reading on to the comments, where one comment stuck out. It said, “You think that just because you’re a feminist, things don’t get dusty? No. Feminist or not, dusty stuff needs to get dusted.”

What do you think? Can you clean the house and still be a feminist?

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