Happy 4th of July!

I know you’ve noticed that it’s a holiday weekend.  And so I’ve been sort of taking a holiday.  Today started with a lovely bike ride, during which I saw a coyote about five feet from me and was very grateful that I did not become its morning meal.  It continued with some house cleaning and laundry while Tim has been endlessly cleaning the grill (which is disgusting, by the way).  Penny has been sleeping next to me all day, having been kept up all night by nearby fireworks.  The poor dog was literally shaking and would not leave my lap all night, and is still incredibly skiddish today.  So, after I’m done working on a few writing deadlines, we’ll walk the dog, I might write some more, and we’ll watch a movie while enjoying a bottle of wine at home, because taking the dog anywhere or leaving her alone today seems to be an impossibility.

Therefore, on this summeriest of summer holidays, I leave you with an amazing feat of red, white, and blue food: the coolest Fourth of July cake.  Ever.  If I had infinite patience and/or amazing baking skills, I would totally try this.  But I have neither.  So, I am left to stare in awe at what some people are able to do with cakes when struck with just the right patriotic spirit.

If you have infinite patience and/or amazing baking skills, you can find the recipe here and give it a try.  Good luck, and happy 4th!

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