International Women’s Day: I love being a woman.

It’s International Women’s Day! Be sure to check out what’s going on at Gender Across Borders for #BlogforIWD, and at Equality 101 – we’re blogging all day about gender equality and education!

I know it is usually the way of the feminist blogosphere to focus on what needs to change and how far we have to go, but in honor of International Women’s Day this year, I’d like to focus on how wonderful it is to be a woman.

I am happy to be a woman, even more so now that I have found this wonderful community of feminists with whom I get to celebrate being a woman every day. I chose to get married, and I get to look at pictures of my wedding dress every day and giggle. If I have the ability and I choose to do so, I’ll be able to experience the miracle of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. I am afforded the opportunity to voice my opinions and fight for equal rights from my unique perspective¬†as a woman and as a teacher. I get to experience the fun it is to wear high-heels and skirts and makeup, and I can also choose not to wear high-heels and skirts and makeup.

I get to have a special relationship with my mom that only mothers and daughters have. I get to have a special relationship with my friends that only girlfriends have. I get to be a strong woman role model for those around me.

I am fortunate and privileged, I know. But the more I surround myself with amazing women, the more fortunate and privileged I feel to be a woman and to interact with this amazing community every day.

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