Links and more Links!

People like me!  Despite my lack of sleep and general business the past few weeks, this makes me very happy.

Wordie picture from Chally's Canival of Feminists

Wordie picture from Chally's Canival of Feminists

I’m apparently linked in a few places this week, which is really cool.  I’m expecting a few guest posts and cross posts to go up, too, but most importantly, I’m included in this month’s Carnival of Feminists over at Zero at the Bone!  (The next carnival is being held at RMJ’s href=””>Deeply Problematic so don’t forget to submit!)

I’m also on the Global Feminist Link Love over at the Gender Across Borders blog!  What a great blog!  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should.

Thanks for all the love, bloggers!  One day I will have the time to return it all.  For now, check out the lovely blogs on my blogroll!

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